The Cluster

Exploring life and faith for the everyday

  • Date

    5 September 2015
    5:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Location

    Our Saviour Lutheran Church
    745 Rochedale Road
    Rochedale QLD 4123
$15 (inc GST) online booking
$20 (inc GST) at the door on the night
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The Cluster is young adults coming together in community to be equipped and inspired to be honest and true with their faith, every day. In a world where faith is laughed at and honesty is avoided, we desire to grow into people who live true to their calling as followers of Jesus. The Cluster will be a night of worship, food, relevant and challenging input and genuine conversation.

Topic: Christian Sexuality

If Christianity had a motto for its approach to sexual ethics, surely it would be, “less fun for everyone.” In fact, the unfortunate truth is, most Christians when talking about sexuality can only tell you what you’re not allowed to do. Fewer still can explain the why behind those rules. But the real loss is our inability to talk about all the gifts of our sexuality, all the things we can do, all the blessings. This means most of us just feel shame when it comes to our sexuality. Some just decide the rules don’t make sense, so ignore them.

The hope of this session is to invite you to hear Gods heart for your life. To understand how His discipline is as much an expression of grace as His love is. To give you some frameworks to make sense of the Bible’s approach to sexuality and it’s many blessings and temptations. 



Guest Speaker: Steven Johnson 

Steve is married with three kids. He works full-time for Government and does some lecturing on the side. His real passion though is helping young people and young adults make sense of God, the bible, and our experiences in this life.

His greatest achievement is building a BBQ from Bunnings (seriously, toughest day of his life!) What actually motivates Steve is helping to build community in the hope that people are free from loneliness.