LYQ and Christian Content

LYQ and Christian Content

1. Who is LYQ?

LYQ is a department of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District. We are a non-profit, Christian youth organisation that has been running holiday camps for over 60 years. For more information about our ministry visit our About us page.  

2. What is the Christian component of the camp?

We deliberately vary the depth of Christian content on our camps so that campers can select an experience that they are comfortable with. All of our camp leaders are committed Christians who come to camp to serve. They mainly do this just through hanging out and getting to know the campers, and having tons of fun!

Just like every component of camp, we encourage all the campers to participate in the Christian component of camp. We want to give each camper new experiences on camp, which could be through meeting awesome new people, doing amazing activities, or hearing someone share why they believe what they believe! We believe all these opportunities build on each other throughout camp to make one epic experience!

Our ‘Explode and Blast’ camps include a short daily Christian faith session where different leaders share about their belief in God and why they believe it. This is a relaxed opportunity for the campers to get to know their leaders in a different light, ask questions and think about what this belief might mean for their own lives.

Campers looking for a deeper Christian experience should check out our ‘Christian Life Week’ camps or ‘Kids Camp’ which include a higher level of Christian content and are based around approved studies specifically written for the camp.