Holiday Camps

We've been running life-changing camps for over fifty years… and we still love it!

In an increasingly complex and demanding world there is still no better way than camping to give young people the space to discover more about themselves, their world and God. Something special happens when a young person is placed in an exciting new environment, amongst amazing leaders that offer great support, in a community that lives out God’s unconditional love – young people can’t help but grow, learn and change!

Lots of good clean fun… mostly clean!

The key to a great holiday camp is lots of fun and our dedicated team work hard to make the camp experience the highlight of every camper's school holidays. LYQ camps are filled with a blend of fun age-appropriate activities that encourage participants to test their skills and grow their confidence.

The selected camp activities vary but can include treasure hunts, laser skirmish, surfing lessons, high ropes, flying fox, capture the flag, messy games, worship and bible studies.

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A unique blend of body, mind and spirit - the LYQ difference

LYQ camps offer campers a unique blend of activities that not only focus on the physical but also stimulate the minds and spirit of campers.

All of our camps include a scheduled time when campers are encouraged to explore the Christian faith. Some of our camps, such as Christian Life Week camps and Kids Camp, have a strong Christian teaching component, whilst others like Explode and Blast summer camps include an introductory Christian component.

In our experience it is this unique blend of physical, mental and spiritual activities that help to make camp a transformational time instead of just a week away from home.

Great leaders make all the difference!

We take great care in selecting and preparing our camp leadership teams because we know that great leaders make all the difference!

LYQ camps are staffed by quality leaders who are not only well trained but also great role models for the campers. To maintain this quality we expect our leaders to complete a stringent recruitment process that includes leadership training, police checks, interviews, reference checks and child safety training. You can be confident that our leadership teams will not only care for your child but also help them to develop into the person God created them to be.

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Our commitment to providing an excellent camp experience means that we also deliberately limit enrolments so that we can maintain a ratio of leaders to campers of 1:4 or better. In this way we can offer campers the support that they need to develop and grow on camp.