2017 Leaders Thank You Dinner

Every year, an incredible bunch of young adults give up their time, money, and energy to serve as leaders, directors and co-directors on our camps. These people go above and beyond for every single camper – praying for them well before camp starts, planning awesome activities and crazy new games, attending training and getting mountains of paperwork sorted (!); let alone the care, love, support, encouragement, wisdom and patience they provide once camp has actually started.

Often, unless you’re actually on camp, the efforts of all of our leaders go largely unnoticed. That’s why, on Saturday 26 August, we threw a celebratory dinner for all of our leaders – from all across Queensland – to acknowledge and celebrate their truly awesome servant hearts and the vital role they play in our camping ministry. The 2017 Leaders Thankyou Dinner was filled with delicious food, great company, some impromptu dancing and a whole lot of fun.

We want to say THANK YOU to all of our leaders, whether you’ve lead on a camp this year, last year, or will be leading in the future. Know that what you have sacrificed is recognised, your contribution is valuable beyond words, and without you…well…LYQ camps just wouldn’t be the same.

 We would also like to extend our gratitude to Lutheran Education Queensland, Lutheran Community Care and the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District for providing the sponsorship required for the Thank You Dinner. Thank you for your generosity in celebrating our leaders.