CQ CLW 2017 rocks Tannum Sands

Sept 25 – 29 was a massive week in Central Queensland, as 43 campers descended upon Tannum Sands for CQ Christian Life Week. The weather was beautiful and the beach was perfect as the directors, leaders and cooks rolled in on Sunday to prepare for the epic week to come.

"CLW is an amazing week full of life and connecting with God...you wouldn't want to leave in the end" (CQ Camper, 15)

From glow-in-the-dark beach capture the flag to Laser Tag, there was plenty of excitement throughout camp. A Hollywood-themed costume dinner produced some hilarious outfits, and the whole camp managed to pitch in to dig a massive hole on the beach…before all jumping in the hole for a pic! Alongside the fun, though, leaders witnessed significant growth in the lives of the campers, as well as God moving in powerful ways – particularly in small groups and on Challenge Night.

"One big laughing session where you can be yourself and learn anything and everything about God." (CQ Camper, 18)

Every year, CLW is a chance for kids to encounter God in new and unexpected ways, and Tannum Sands was no exception. God painted rich sunsets and crystal clear skies each day, while working through the gifts and talents of the leaders, camp parents, cooks and campers.

Thank you to everyone who made CQ CLW possible – the campers, leaders, directors, camp parents, cooks, helpers, parents who drove for hours to bring kids to camp (and back), all the people praying over camp, and all of the congregations who gave financial support. God is so good in Central Queensland!

Some more snippets from our 2017 CQ CLW Campers:

"If you feel as though something is missing from your life, I know the place to go..." (CQ Camper, 16)

"It's an awesome experience with great people who will accept you for who you are and to get a better understanding of God." (CQ Camper, 15)

"CLW is the best Christian camp I've ever been on, deep interesting studies and awesome games!" (CQ Camper, 14)

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