In-School Training at Bayside Christian College

We've been blessed this year to facilitate leadership development workshops at Bayside Christian College, Hervey Bay. It has been an absolute joy to journey with the students and teachers at Bayside this year and we couldn't help but share this great reflection on the value of our In-school Workshops by Marissa Francis, Chaplain at Bayside Christian College.

At the beginning of 2017 Bayside Christian College began its Foundation Year. One of our early goals was to create opportunity for our Middle School to develop cohesion, positive relationships and explore their leadership potential. The Intentional Leadership Program by LYQ met that goal, and has helped shape important relationship dynamics within our student body. Students enjoyed a day filled with fun activities, challenges and achievements, while learning important lessons about value for themselves, others and life. Comments from students included statements like,

I loved the way everyone opened up to each other by you guys getting us involved and talking to people we don’t usually socialise with each other. Than you guys xx

Thank you so much that was the best school day I think I’ve ever had. I loved all the activities. You really seemed to connect with every student there. It was really nice how you made sure no one was left out. Thank you so much

I am in year 7 and I love how you helped me in my life in many ways. I had so much fun. Well it is the funnest thing our school has taken us to

I thought today was really fun. Today had to be one of the most best days of my life. I discovered new games and ways to have fun. You guys are awesome and beautiful. Love you guys and hope to see you again soon

The true measure of the impact of the day is in the fact that a whole term later key phrases and ideas are still actively used by students, and that the relationship dynamics have remained and expanded to include students who have enrolled since we held the day with LYQ.

The Intentional Leadership day, and the LYQ team had such a positive impact on our students that we held the day again in Term 3 as well as second day which focused on Grades 5 and 6 (Big Horizons). The students who went through our first Intentional Leadership day spoke so positively of the experience that there was almost a 100% student attendance rate for the day. Again, feedback from students is overwhelmingly positive and we’re all looking forward to continuing the journey of leadership development, identity strengthening and relationship building in Term 4.

There has been a great partnership between LYQ and Bayside Christian College through these programs, and our students and college are experiencing the blessings of this.

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