'It's only the best camp ever!'

What a blessing it is for us to have the priviledge to run five fantastic CLW camps in 2017. We got to witness first hand, our incredible young adults and support crew speak life into the next generation. The young people in our church continue to blow us away with their passion for God, their willingness to serve each other and their curiosity to find out more. We love that in a five day live-in experience, our camps can be a community in which young people are comfortable to be who God created them to be and to discover even more about our awesome God. We wanted to share some of the stories from our 2017 Winter CLWs - because they are too beautiful not to share!

CLW had been a thing I've gone to for 3 years but this year I feel like it truly showed me how I am involved in Gods plan and has truly made me believe in the God our father

I think CLW can be a genuinely life changing camp for Christians. This camp I have gained friendship from mentors that would help me with Christianity.

CLW has impacted my life in both a social and spirtual way. Small groups really put both of those two qualities together.

I came to CLW needing reassurance for some of the crazy plans God has for my future. I absolutely got that reassurance and encouragement from the wonderful people around me. I learnt so much and gained such a good understanding about who God is and what his plans are for me.

CLW has impacted my life because it opens your life up to God and through CLW it shows you all the amazing things he did for us and how God is always present in our everyday life.

Even after being on five totally different CLWs, the novelty hasn't worn off. Every day, the atmosphere is energetic, the leaders are enthusiastic and the activities are incredible! I feel so safe and comfortable all week and I love growing closer to God with like-minded and lovely people.

This was my first and last CLW as a camper. I honestly wish I had have invested and come earlier on in my schooling life because just one week has made me a little more aware of who I am in myself and in my faith. I love spending time with other likeminded people and worshipping without judgement is an amazing feeling. I love CLW and hope that I can come back next year as a leader.

Thank you to our awesome churches, parents and LYQ community who encourage young people to attend camps. As you have read, it can be a truly life-changing experience for so many campers! We cannot wait for our next Spring CLW camp to do it all over again!