Luminate 2017 Graduation

There was a real spirit of joy and celebration as we came together on Saturday 2 December to recognise the Luminate 2017 participants at their official graduation. After a BIG year of adventure, learning, excitement, challenge and fun it was great to be able to share the stories from the year with family and friends and acknowledge the significant growth of each participant.

The graduation dinner which was held at the Brisbane Technology Park Conference Centre was a fitting way to celebrate the achievement of the participants in not only completing their Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology but also completing their Luminate experience which was filled with deep discipleship growth, new ministry experiences (including their 2 week mission trip to FNQ) and so much more. 

During the evening participants shared their reflections on the year and there was lots of laughter and emotion as participants expressed their unique and creative perspective on their growth and their now firm friends who, they shared the journey with. A highlight was the personal message of reflection and encouragement that Sarah Calder, Luminate Coordinator, shared for each participant as they received their certificates of completion.

We wish each participant the deepest blessings as they step into all that God holds for them in 2019. Whilst it will be sad to not see each other every week we know that the bonds formed during the year will ensure we stay connected long into the future. Congratulations class of 2017!

There is still time to apply for Luminate 2018... in fact you can still apply for a scholarship to cover a full term's fees! Luminate is an incredible year of learning and adventure for young adults aged 18-22 (and school leavers). Maybe next year is your chance to spend a year delving into God's word and growing in faith?!

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