Luminate August Update

We’re waiting for your application now!

A few weeks ago we had our Luminate Open Night, and as a result we are pumped and waiting for your applications! Sarah checks the computer every day, waiting for the flood of excited young people applying. This is a chance for you to take a year out to discover who you are, and whose you are. It’s for any young person, not just those who are looking into paid ministry in the future. Grow in your faith now! And, if you apply before the end of September, you can get 5% off your fees- that’s a worthwhile saving! If you’re interested talk to Sarah or check out our website and just apply

Luminate Website

While you’re there, why not check out our awesome new video!?

Awesome Video?!

What about the current crew? What are they up to?

Well the 2017 Lumineers are having a great time at the moment. They’ve been asking some great questions and are all growing in different ways. Just the other day we had an intense conversation about the topic of abortion and what we as Christians think about it.

We’ve also been busy planning for our Far North Queensland mission trip which is coming up VERY VERY SOON! For just over 2 weeks we will be in Hopevale and Cairns, meeting the people, learning about the culture and getting amongst it. In Cairns we will run a holiday program through the local Lutheran Church, and we are really excited about how we can bring some key Bible stories alive for the kids, and also just show them that they are loved and worthwhile in our and God’s eyes!

We also went to Luther Heights for 3 days to learn about the fulltime camping ministry, where the Luminate participants shadowed the LH staff around and learnt about how important it is to show Jesus in everything we do. They had a fantastic time in the surprisingly warm weather for winter! Highlights including being able to sit with year 5 kids who couldn’t participant in activities and make them feel heard, as well as seeing kids who are scared get past their fear and accomplish so many things they thought they couldn’t. Some of the participants even got a few chances to use their leadership skills, which is really cool for me to watch and be able to see them stepping up!

To finish, here’s a cute picture of us burgering before Open Night. #famgoalz