Taize Young Adult pilgrimage Brisbane February 2015

On Sunday 8 February Queenslanders will have the unique opportunity to experience the renowned Taize community right here in Brisbane. This is a special one-off experience that may never be repeated.

Taizé: Towards a New Solidarity

The Taizé Community was founded in 1940, by Brother Roger, in the village of the same name in Central France. Made up of around 100 brothers from different Christian Churches and about 25 different countries, the community strives through a monastic life to live a sign of reconciliation and unity among Christians and in the human family.

Since the 1960s, young people have been coming to share in the life of the community in greater and greater numbers. In summer, the community often welcomes up to 5,000 young people each week. Young people who come to Taizé are welcomed by a community that has been inspired by two aims: to go further in fellowship with God through prayer and to be a leaven of peace and trust in the midst of the human family.

Through common prayer, singing, silence and personal meditation, a stay in Taizé can help rediscover the presence of God in our lives and find once more an inner peace, a reason for living or new impetus. Throughout the year 2015, the community is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its foundation and it invites everyone to remember its founder, 100 years after his birth and ten years after his death.

To prepare for 2015, Brother Alois, Brother Roger’s successor as prior of the community, inaugurated a new stage in the pilgrimage of trust, which Taizé has led for many years. He proposed a three-year time of searching “Towards a New Solidarity”, in order to renew in the light of the Gospel our commitment to human solidarity and announced that during this period, gatherings with young adults would be held on every continent – in 2012 in Africa, 2013 in Asia, 2014 in the Americas. In February 2015, Brother Alois
will make a pilgrimage to Australia and New Zealand.

On 8th February, join us for a gathering in Brisbane

What’s happening on 8th Feb?

2:30pm: Workshops for young adults aged 16–35:

  1. Come and sing! Learning Taizé songs for evening prayer: St Stephen’s Chapel
  2. Becoming salt of the earth: The life of the Taizé Community - short film and questions in the Francis Rush Centre

4:00pm: Evening prayer in St Stephen’s Cathedral begins.

During the prayer, brief reflection by Brother Alois. At the end, prayer around the cross and celebration of the Resurrection.
From 6pm onwards; light meal and hospitality on the Cathedral concourse.
For further information, please contact:
Paul Blom (pblom [at] bne.catholic.edu.au) or Queensland Churches Together through Jela Virzi (admin [at] qct.org.au)

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