We’ve gained Momentum and remained Enthused!

Our In-School Training team has kicked off 2016 in full force, facilitating two epic leadership development programs at Luther Heights Youth Camp!

This year we launched our brand new leadership development program, Momentum, specifically for Catholic and Independent Colleges. Six Colleges jumped on board for our pioneering year with 30 key student leaders from schools all over South East-Queensland in attendance. Our facilitation team were encouraged by the energy and passion of the students represented at Momentum and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the diversity of personalities on display for all to see! Momentum is a great program with students experiencing an intensive training process packed into three days. Students reported they loved it so much, they only wished for more time to keep exploring and learning!

Lauryn Hawkins, School Captain at San Sisto College, Brisbane described her Momentum experience this way...

I cannot recommend momentum enough! I had so many great experiences, physically, mentally and spiritually. The facilitators are an absolute blast and they become a great friend. I am so grateful for this experience because I will take away what I have learnt with me through the coming year as well as my future. I wish I could do it all over again!!

Only a few days after Momentum ended, our In-School Training team jumped on-board to facilitate our popular Enthuse program. It was a another huge year for Enthuse as we welcomed our Lutheran College Captains to enjoy five days of fun, challenges and most importantly, growth! Now in its sixteenth year, Enthuse continues to prove itself as a highly effective leadership development program with students experiencing personal and professional growth in a number of areas of leadership including public speaking skills, building teams, strength based approaches to working with people, conquering concerns and fears, goal setting, servant leadership and boundaries. For participants like Paivi Adeniyi (College Captain, Grace Lutheran College, Rothwell) the Enthuse experience has radically changed their view of leadership...

Enthuse changed the way I look at myself, leadership and the world as a whole.
I now have the confidence to lead others, but also the open/mindedness to think of alternatives, trust others and grow together through our different strengths

We're looking forward to journeying with students from both Enthuse and Momentum this year as they continue to develop skills, attitudes and values in their leadership roles. Our hope for you is that you live a life free of fear, full of hope and influence those around you to do the same!