What a difference a day can make!

We woke in the clouds and were blessed with perfectly mild weather in the midst of several weeks of volatile weather events. By 7.30am the annual Koojarewon Work & Fellowship Camp was all-a-buzz with excitement.  With a team of 30 servant-hearted volunteers, we found jobs that were well suited to the strengths of each person.

A true highlight of the weekend was the enthusiasm of the kids that came, ready for hard work and a sprinkle of fun thrown in! In fact, they had so much fun while they worked there was hardly a care to stop work and play during our planned Camp Activities Session in the afternoon! After hand-washing more than 200 chairs, they were keen to paint the town red… well, the fence anyway! Our guests certainly won’t be able to miss our little camp from now on.

The major project for the day was to build our newest High Adventure element:  the Climbing Wall. For two weeks we had volunteers taking our primitive idea and meticulously planning out how to make it a safe structure that will also offer a high physical challenge. We were blessed by the many skilled and highly experienced hands that helped. The Climbing Wall will not only be used as a Team Building activity for groups of all ages, but the versatility of the element allows us to embed it into some of our Ground Adventure activities: Jungle Fever & Mission Impossible.

We could not have achieved anything throughout the day without a solid grounds crew – this team just kept going all day: clearing lantana; picking up endless sticks and other debris; taking loads to burn at the fire or loads to the dump; digging holes for our gardening team - a group of hard-working women planting new Lily Pilly hedges. We were blessed to receive a donation of Clivia plants who are enjoying their new home along the ramp and in various other shady spaces. We propagated Agave and found the perfect spot for some hardy Flamingo Flowering plants. Maintaining and improving our gardens is one of our favourite ongoing projects, closely followed by gurneying almost anything! The camp always looks great after a solid pressure cleaning session and this year that included all of our mats and bins!

We are always thankful for those that are willing to do the not so glamourous jobs: cleaning out the gutters; decluttering under the buildings; general handyman jobs; fixing rotted timber; repainting; repairing; electrical testing and tagging; keeping the kids on track and all the tidying up that follows a day of solid work. This year we were blessed with increased local community involvement with the presence of the local fire team on site to start our wet burn pile and the use of a free community trailer full of tools.

What a wonderful way to spend a day!

Luther Heights Work & Fellowship Camp