Young adult conference Registrations close Thursday night

Registrations for our state wide young adult conference, The Gathering, have been extended until Thursday night. The Gathering runs from February 3rd – 5th 2017

We have an amazing weekend lined up for young adults from all over QLD to encounter God and be equipped to live out their faith in ways that share the good news of the gospel and make a real imapct. The Gathering is a highlight for many young adults who come to connect with other people their age and be refreshed in their faith in a way that is relevant to them.  

Over the weekend we’ll be hearing from our guest speaker Julie-Anne Laird. Julie-Anne will bring a strong and passionate message about how to live a life that will make a difference. The Gospel is a life changing world impacting reality and we want to help young people step into the fullness of this message and discover how to share that message in a natural and impacting way.

As always, this deeply biblical input will be accompanied by a relaxed program, some of the best barista-brewed coffee around, fantastic food, the forming of deep friendships, and a chance to have a whole lot of fun as well.

We are offering HALF PRICE REGISTRATION for those finishing year 12 in 2016. We believe it is vital for new young adults to connect in with a positive community of young people for them to keep growing in their faith. This is why we have made it as easy as possible to come along in 2017.

Here’s what some of 2016’s Gathering participants had to say:

I don't want to imagine what life would be like if I had never been to The Gathering and become a part of a loving church community that I could thrive in and grow, to give back what I've received.

The Gathering was a great weekend away! My faith was refreshed and I was reminded, once again, to keep Jesus as the focus and centre of my life.

It gave me some rich, substantial teaching to wrestle with. It was not simple ‘lip service’ to faith, but real meaty ideas with which to debate, challenge and reflect upon.

(I enjoyed) being surrounded by like-minded people who challenged the thoughts and knowledge on all different topics. I found it really beneficial learning from peers.

It’s given me a focus for how to deepen my spiritual walk. A great kick start to the year!

The Gathering has given me a great refocus on my spiritual walk. Delving deeper into relationship with the Father and his plan for my life and being thoughtful and prayerful about my interactions with those around me.

To find out more or to register, head along to

The Gathering 2017