Young Adult Discipleship Retreat 2017

Our Young Adult Discipleship Retreat is a 12 day live-in experience that is impacting and changing lives every year. Is God calling you or someone you know to be a part of this unique experience?

Georgia West (pictured) attended in 2016 and this is her reflection on the impact it had on her life:

I’m struggling to find the words to best attempt to describe how much going on YADR 2016 has impacted my life. In 12 days I grew more than I ever thought possible and have continued to grow since returning home. Seeds were planted at YADR which I am yet to even see some of the fruits of but will slowly bloom as time goes on. I got to experience the Fathers heart and his love in a way I never had before which is something I’ll forever be grateful for. I absorbed so much wisdom and knowledge in 12 days but know it's wisdom and knowledge I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before and was a space filled with constant love and others with the same genuine heart to see the kingdom grow. It is an experience that has already changed my heart but an experience that I know is going to continue to grow me for years to come. Through the prayer, teaching sessions, Worship and just real honest friendships, I think we all experienced the enormous love God has for us and the potential we all carry within. So to put it in short, God flipped my world upside down at YADR and for that I’m forever Thankful.

YADR is happening again in 2017 from December 2-13. It is an experience that shapes, challenges and grows each participant. The retreat focuses on personal spirituality, theological teaching, ministry and leadership skills and immersing young adults in a culture of honour where each person is seen and treated as a child of God with value and worth. Through a very intentional group process, young adults experience community in a very significant way. This, combined with putting into practice much of what is learnt, results in a very significant experience.

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