Beyond Skin Deep

This gender-based Healthy Relationships Workshop is created to engage female students in deeper reflection on what true feminine beauty is and how we can draw out the best of each other with words of affirmation and hope.

This program seeks to put language to what it means to really value ourselves and others, enables opportunities for girls to share freely and openly with each other, build trust and restore broken relationships.

Key Outcomes

  • Students identify where they get their value from.
  • Students identify people in their life who have influence over them and who they influence.
  • Students discuss what messages they send to each other about their value.
  • Students understand that communicating needs effectively in order to build trust.
  • Students learn vocabulary to express emotions effectively.
  • Students share affirmations and encourage each other to work toward being great together.

Recommended Follow-Up Program: Boundaries and Safety

This follow up program seeks to leverage off student and group development from the first session; going deeper into key concepts and ‘pick up where we left off’. This workshop educates students on how to maintain appropriate boundaries with each other and create a safe environment so they are free to be themselves without fear.