Developed and Empowered Teams

Using experiential activities, our team building workshops ensure students learn to lead themselves, lead others and lead together. Students will learn that everyone has unique gifts and skills they bring to a team and how to see the best in each other to reach their full potential! This program will ensure students find the strength in themselves to be who they are and freely express themselves in a positive environment whilst teaching them the skills to continue building a positive class and school culture every day!


Key Outcomes

  • Students build stronger connections with each other, particularly with those they spend little amount of time with in the schoolyard.
  • Students identify and develop personal skills required to lead themselves and others.
  • Students articulate the weaknesses that contribute to their group dysfunction and work toward healthy group function.
  • Students learn non-emotional language to articulate how they feel and work toward sharing openly with their peers.
  • Students have fun and enjoy learning through experience!