Strength In Action

This gender-based Healthy Relationships Workshop is created to engage male students in deep reflection on what it looks like to be authentic men. Through action-based activities, this program seeks to develop strong and articulate young men with good character who make others feel safe and valued around them. Boys are encouraged to identify how they can make a positive impact on their peers and those younger and older than them.

Key Outcomes

  • Students identify cultural stereotypes.
  • Students identify the labels they attribute to each other and the impact those labels have on others.
  • Students identify how and when they behave with strength, action and character.
  • Students reflect on and articulate the type of man they want to be.
  • Students reflect on how their negative actions may have caused disunity among their peers and those in their direct sphere of influence.
  • Students are invited into a fresh start with one another.

Follow Up Programs

Follow up programs seek to leverage off student and group development from the first session; going deeper into concepts and ‘pick up where we left off’. We recommend follow up programs for our Healthy Relationships workshops to unravel key concepts and ideas in greater detail. Follow up programs can be tailored to suit the needs of your students as they arise.

Recommended Follow-Up Program: Perceptions and Labels

This workshop educates students on how to maintain authenticity through making independent choices instead of merely following the crowd focussing on fairness, equality and acceptance.

Recommended Follow-Up Program: Dating and Relationships

This workshop explores the historical framework of relationships and educates students on how to develop healthy and balanced relationships including practical teaching on dating and boundaries.

 Half day experiences only (5 hours)